PROBLEM: JData was trying to increase participation amongst Jewish educational institutions around the country. In order for the project to be successful it required staff at schools and camps to log into the site and enter data.  The more data that was entered, the more useful the results would be for everyone who used the site seeking information for research, strategic planning, etc.
The goals of the video were:
1. Communicate how this tool is helpful to the users.
2. Explain how easy it is to use.
3. Demonstrate the process with a mini-tutorial
4. Offer insights from community leaders about how this project will revolutionize Jewish education.
5. Build confidence in school staff about the security of the data and the benefit to all participating institutions.
ACTION: JData staff developed the script, and supplied me with the narrator's audio, the video interviews and still images.  Once I had all the materials, I completed project, including:
1. Audio and Video editing
2. Using  AfterEffects, I created animations and info graphics to emphasize the vast improvements and benefits to those who use JData. 
3. With screen captures I created demos of the program in action.
4. I also animated the JData logo.
RESULTS: The completed video was displayed on the JData homepage and was used in presentations, lectures and in all promotional efforts to increase participation.
The client was exceedingly satisfied with the results. The objectives were met.
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