Touro College, consisting of 30 schools and 19,200 students, is America’s largest private institution of higher and professional education under Jewish auspices, serving students from all countries and walks of life, and an increasingly diverse population, with a commitment to values, belief in social justice and respect for applied knowledge and discovery.
Although the research activity at Touro College is significant and impressive the school is perceived as a teaching college moreso than a research institution.  The college would like the website to more effectively promote research and scholarship at Touro College.
Currently, information about research and resources to support research at Touro College is difficult to find. Much of the research content is located on the websites of the individual schools in the university system, with a brief statement on a sub-page of the main website, and on pages that are hidden from the menus.
Project Goals:
A redesign and re-organization of the content on the Research pages of the Touro College website, with the goals of:
1. Showcasing the accomplishments of Touro College researchers in a way that better positions Touro College as a research institution as well as a teaching college (of particular value for recruiting new faculty and students, and for the branding of the institution)
2. Improving the user experience of the Research pages.
3. Improving the organization and layout of the content to make it easier for faculty and students to find resources available for their research.
4. Presenting the information in a visually exciting way to make it more engaging to readers in the Touro community.

MY ROLE:  to review the existing research related content on all the university websites, reorganize the content, suggest new site architecture, design the interface for the new section, edit and write/design new content as needed, and produce prototype.
Below is a screenshot from the current website. This is a sub-page in the About section of the main website with links to some of the research content found elsewhere in the system.
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