We began by examining all the content of the current site and creating a new site structure that focused specifically on her goals for the new site: establishing her as an expert in the field of trauma, showcasing her unique approach to trauma advocacy, and promoting her upcoming book based on her work.
While we did not include a gallery of Lisa’s watercolor paintings as it did not serve the goals of this website, we did incorporate one of her paintings into the interface – it appears as a background image in the header section of all the pages, relevant because it represents one of the international communities she worked in, and it reflects her art therapy methodologies.
There was much work to be done re: editing of text and graphics, and creating assets for the site, including:
1. An important diagram that was used to convey her philosophy about intractable trauma needed to be redesigned (see above).  
2. Video and Audio interviews were edited to include only the relevant portions 
Lisa's colleagues were consulted throughout the process to gain perspectives and insights and to gain feedback from typical users of the site.
Below is a screenshot of the original website: the home page including the diagram explaining intractable trauma
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